Transform an Old Bathroom into the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Bathroom of your dreamsBathroom transformation!

Congratulations! You’ve waited and saved, and now its time to transform that old dated bathroom, into the bathroom of your dreams.

But where to start…

Research your bathroom project

First, walk into the existing bathroom and take a really good look around. In a perfect world, what would you like this space to look like? For example, do you really need a tub? Can you make better use of the space by removing it and instead adding a shower stall? Conversely, if there is just a shower, do you need a tub? Is there space for this? Is there a closet in the bathroom, and if so, do you really need it to be there? Or would the space better be served with some stylish shelving? Does the space need a double sink, or would one sink be fine? Wall sink? Vanity? Pedestal Sink? And don’t forget that paint color can make a dark space look lighter and a small space look larger.

Once you have a general idea of what you might want, and before you contact your Contractor, start researching online. Sites like Pinterest, and even Home Store sites, will give you some great ideas as they show completed bathrooms in many different styles, from vintage to modern clean lines.

Next, if you are using a Contractor, now is the time to set up a meeting with him or her. If you have done your research in making this choice, you should be working with someone whose opinions and expertise you trust.

Discuss your bathroom project ideas with an expert

Your Contractor should be able to listen to you and incorporate his own experience and know-how with your wishes. Let your Contractor know your budget constraints as well, and he should be able to work within that budget, make suggestions where things may need to be cut, or, advise where you can really put your money to best use in the space.  Talk to him about what he has to do to get started, does he need to get town/city permits to make any structural changes? When can he start? And how long will the remodel take?

What can you expect during the project?

Empty those drawers, move yourselves into another bathroom for the length of the project, and understand that sometimes little things can push a project to run a little longer than expected. A good Contractor will have a top electrician and carpenter on the job, and if something beneath the walls is not right (perhaps some loose wires? or water damage?), they will not proceed until the problem is fixed.

And yes, expect that there will be some mess, but again a good Contractor will make sure everything is contained. Please voice any concerns though to the experts, so they can address, explain and rectify if necessary.

With a little patience, a lot of research, and some great ideas, you can succeed in attaining that bathroom you have always wanted!

About the Author
Bill Gilbert has more than 20 years' experience working with discerning clients and homeowners throughout Connecticut and Westchester. Bill is a Connecticut Licensed Master Plumber, overseeing every home remodeling project personally, working hand-in-hand with each and every client. Talk with Bill today -- call (203) 329-7767.